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    Wooden Semicircle - Macaron

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    Delight in the whimsy of LaLaLull's Wooden Semicircle Building Set, featuring an array of macaron-inspired hues. This 11-piece set invites little architects to a world where imagination meets pastel skies. Each semicircle, crafted with the same commitment to sustainability and safety you've come to expect from LaLaLull, offers endless possibilities for play.

    LaLaLull Wooden Semicircle Building Set - Macaron Colour 11 Pcs

    🎨 Macaron Palette: A feast for the eyes with 11 pastel-colored pieces.
    🌳 Eco-Friendly Wood: Sustainably sourced materials for peace of mind.
    βœ… Safety First: Compliant with CE standards and ASI accreditation.
    🌈 Endless Creativity: Ideal for building, stacking, and creating colorful landscapes.
    πŸ€— Tactile Experience: Smooth, rounded edges perfect for little hands.
    🧠 Educational Play: Enhances fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and color recognition.
    πŸ’‘ Versatile Fun: Can be used with other LaLaLull sets for expanded play.
    πŸ† Quality Craftsmanship: Durable and designed to withstand hours of imaginative play.
    This set, from our acclaimed Rainbow Collection, is more than just a toyβ€”it's a tool for growth, learning, and joyful exploration. Join LaLaLull in our journey to make playtime a foundation for a brighter, more colorful future.

    Wooden Semicircle Spec:Β 

    Material: Basswood

    Brand: LaLaLull Australia

    Age: 3 years+Β 

    Color: Macaron

    About LaLaLull Wooden Toys

    Each piece of wood is special 🌳, with its own patterns, colors 🌈, and little quirks like knots and textures. At LaLaLull, we love these natural touches πŸ‘ because they make every wooden toy unique. Our special way of adding color to the wood, using water dyes πŸ’§πŸŽ¨, really shows off these cool patterns. Plus, it's safer πŸ›‘οΈ and lasts longer than regular paint, which can chip and peel.

    LaLaLull chooses only the best hardwood 🌲 for our toys, even though it's much more expensive than others πŸ’°. Why? Because it's all about making them sturdy and long-lasting πŸ’ͺ. Hardwood means our toys aren't just good-looking; they're also built tough to withstand lots of play πŸš€.

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    Wooden Semicircle - Macaron


    FSC Standard for Chain of Custody Certification: For a Greener Future

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