Australian wooden rainbow toys brand lalalull

Discover the Magic of LaLaLull: Australia's Favorite Wooden Rainbow Toys

LaLaLull - an Australian very local brand (Born in Brisbane) that has captured the hearts of children and parents alike with its stunning Wooden Rainbow Collections. LaLaLull stands out not just for its creativity-sparking toys but for the meticulous handcraftsmanship and commitment to safety and sustainability that go into every piece. 

A Spectrum of Imagination
LaLaLull's Wooden Rainbow Toy is a masterpiece of open-ended play. 

Handmade with Love and Care
Every LaLaLull wooden rainbow toy is 100% handmade, celebrating the natural beauty and texture of basswood. Basswood, known for its smooth texture, non-toxic properties, and durability, is the ideal material for timeless toys. LaLaLull's dedication to preserving the wood's natural grain enhances each piece's tactile experience, providing a good grip without the need for glossy varnish.

Craftsmanship That Speaks
1. Hand Cutting: Each piece of the rainbow toys is meticulously cut by hand from large blocks of natural wood, ensuring uniqueness and character.
2. Hand Polished: Attention to detail is paramount, with every sharp corner and burr polished away to protect little hands from injury.
3. Hand Dying: To achieve their rich, vibrant colors, the wooden arcs are fully immersed in non-toxic, water-based stains, ensuring uniform coloration that's both beautiful and safe.

Safety Is Paramount
LaLaLull goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of its toys. All color coatings are water-based and comply with the EN 71 – 3 safety norms. Moreover, the toys are certified for ASTM International safety standards, featuring non-toxic, child-safe water-based dye. This commitment to safety means parents can rest easy knowing their children are playing with toys that are not only fun but also completely safe.

difference between water stain and painted wooden toy

The LaLaLull Promise
LaLaLull's Wooden Rainbow Collections are more than just toys; they are a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, safety, and the power of play. Each rainbow is a work of art, designed to spark joy and creativity in children, encouraging them to explore their imaginations and the endless possibilities of play.

Explore the most popular products from lalalull wooden rainbow collections: 

1. Lalalull Wooden Rainbow Stacker Large - Basswood

2. Lalalull Wooden Rainbow Semicircle Building Set - 11 Pcs Basswood

3. LaLaLull Wooden Rainbow 1001 Nights Building Set

4. LaLaLull Wooden Rainbow Building Set Weather - 13pcs

In embracing LaLaLull, families across Australia and beyond are choosing toys that not only entertain but also contribute to their children's development and well-being. Join the LaLaLull family today and bring the magic of handcrafted wooden rainbows into your home.