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    Wooden Peg Dolls - Together

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    Crafted from Premium Wooden Rainbow Collection, welcome toΒ 

    Wooden Peg Dolls - Together Introduction:

    Immerse your child in the vibrant diversity of our planet with LaLaLull's Wooden Peg Dolls - Together. Expertly crafted from solid wood, this collection is a celebration of the wonderful cultural and ethnic diversity that enriches our world. These open-ended wooden pieces offer a modern take on the traditional peg doll, designed to encourage imaginative play and storytelling.

    Widely used in Australian daycares, kindergartens, and schools

    It's an educational resource widely used in Australian daycares, kindergartens, and schools. It serves as a fundamental tool for introducing young minds to the concept of diversity and inclusion through play. The Wooden Peg Dolls - Together encourage children to explore the wonder of different cultures and the beauty of our global community.

    Wooden Peg Dolls - Together Educational Benefits:

    🌍 Celebrating Diversity: Includes figures in three skin tones, reflecting the beautiful variety of our global community.

    🎨 Crafted with Care: Each set contains 12 wooden puppets, each unique in shape and size, handcrafted from sustainable materials.

    🌳 Eco-Friendly Play: Made with love from solid basswood, ensuring durable and environmentally responsible toys.

    🎭 Unleash Creativity: Ideal for imaginative and small world play, these puppets encourage children to invent stories and roles.

    🧠 Learn Through Play: Enhance educational play with sorting, counting, and categorization activities.

    πŸ’­ Inspire Imagination: The simple, unstructured design of these puppets allows children to imagine personalities, expressions, and scenarios, supporting emotional development.

    Wooden Peg Dolls - Together Set includes:

    3 Narrow wooden puppets, 6.5cm height

    3 Wide wooden puppets, 6.5cm height

    3 Striped wooden puppets, 6.5cm height

    3 Baby wooden puppets, 3.8cm height

    Wooden Peg Dolls - Together Spec:

    Age: Recommended for curious minds aged 3+ years, LaLaLull's The World Puppets Set is not just a collection of toys but a gateway to understanding and appreciating the rich tapestry of human culture.

    Weight: 0.3Kg

    About LaLaLull Wooden Toys

    Read our blog posts to understand the differences between hardwood and softwood for toy materials. You'll discover why renowned wooden toy brands (Like Grimms, Le Toy Van, & LaLaLull prefer hardwood, and why it's more expensive due to its durability, safety, and aesthetic qualities.

    LaLaLull chooses only the best hardwood 🌲 for our toys, even though it's much more expensive than others πŸ’°. Why? Because it's all about making them sturdy and long-lasting πŸ’ͺ. Hardwood means our toys aren't just good-looking; they're also built tough to withstand lots of play πŸš€.

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    Wooden Peg Dolls - Together


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