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    Wooden Activity Table

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    Wooden Activity Table Introduction

    This activity table is so much fun! With a bead maze, twisting cogs, train track and shape sorter, this table will keep inquisitive minds and fingers entertained. Perfect for little ones, this table also encourages standing, an important gross motor skill for babies to master as they develop into toddlers. This activity table is bright and colourful and made to a high quality finish from timber and painted with non toxic paint.

    Wooden Activity Table Features:

    • Helps develop fine motor skills
    • Pretend play encourages creativity
    • Helps develop sense of balance
    • Improves perception, organization and concentration

    This activity table measures 40 cm diameter and 56 cm tall when assembled. It comes with 3 animal cars, 3 blocks and the activity table.

    Wooden Activity Table Specifications:

    SKU TH712
    Barcode # 6972633373698
    Brand Tooky Toy 
    Length 0.400m
    Height 0.566m
    Width 0.400m
    Weight 3.55 kg
    Packaging Size 14.5 * 41 * 41 cm

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    Wooden Activity Table