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    Jollybaby My Quiet Book

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    Product description

    This Jollybaby Montessori my quiet book features with 10 learning activities, designed for toddlers 2 year old, who focus on matching the color shapes, practice on the zipper snaps and buttons toy, telling time, learning weather, time, buckles, shoes, tie a ribbon, Arithmetic , and developing sensory, fine motor skills and pretend play.

    What is the 10 activities within this My Quiet Book?

    1. What’s the Weather Like Today? - Allows children to change pieces to reflect different weather conditions.
    2. What Time Is It Now? - Features a clock with movable hands to help teach time telling.
    3. Tie the Shoe! - Includes a shoe with laces for practicing tying.
    4. Open the Buckle! - Provides a buckle that kids can snap and unsnap.
    5. Match the Shapes! - Children can match colorful shapes to their corresponding outlines.
    6. Tie up the Ribbon! - Offers a ribbon to be tied and untied, enhancing fine motor skills.
    7. Open the Zipper! - Features a zipper that kids can open and close.
    8. Fly the Balloon! - Includes a balloon that can be moved along a track.
    9. Button the Flowers! - Children can practice buttoning through a fun activity with flower buttons.
    10. Match the Colors! - Helps children identify and match different colors.

    These activities are designed to enhance fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and problem-solving skills in a playful and engaging way.

    Engage and Explore with My Quiet Book 📘

    Introducing "My Quiet Book," the top choice from the JollyBaby Collection, crafted to nurture your child’s early learning through hands-on play. This unique fabric book is ideal for babies and toddlers, offering an interactive way to boost developmental skills with its array of engaging activities.

    What Is My Quiet Book?

    "My Quiet Book" is a soft, durable activity book designed for young children. It combines fun and education in one compact, travel-friendly package. Each page features a different activity, from basic skill challenges like tying shoelaces to sensory play such as buttoning flowers.

    Why My Quiet Book?

     My Quiet Book is beneficial for children from 1 to 3 years old, helping them develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. The tactile activities encourage kids to learn basic life skills while having fun.

    How Does My Quiet Book Help? My Quiet Book assists with:

    • Early Learning: Simple tasks like matching shapes and telling time engage young minds and foster an understanding of basic concepts.
    • Skill Development: Activities such as zipping, buckling, and tying teach practical skills and improve dexterity.
    • Sensory Play: The variety of textures and colorful designs stimulate sensory development and keep children entertained.

    The quiet book is literally quiet

    The quiet book is literally quiet, which makes it perfect for public places such as a church service or a public office.


    My quiet book specification: 

    • Material: High-quality cotton fabric
    • Product Dimension: 20 cm x 3 cm x 22.5 cm (7.9 in x 1.2 in x 8.9 in)
    • Weight: 195g 
    • Age: 2+
    • Brand: Jollybaby
    • Gtin: 6925783803119
    • Sku: WLTH8255J

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    Jollybaby My Quiet Book