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    Velo Pink Balance Bike

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    Babycoo proudly imports Yvolution, the best-selling balance bike brand in Ireland.

    Yvolution Velo Pink Balance Bike Specification:

    • Age: 1 ½ to 3.5 years
    • Color: Pink /


    • Size (L X W X H): 26 x 11.8 x 17.7 inches / 66  x 30 x 45cm
    • Au Post Packaging Size: 61*17*26 cm
    • Wheel Size: 9 Inch /22.86cm
    • Weight: 7.7 lbs / 3.8Kg 
    • Min seat height: 11 inches / 28cm
    • Max seat height: 14.2 inches/ 36 cm
    • Max rider weight: 44 lbs /20 Kg
    • 2 stages balance bike
    • Small grips for small hands
    • Adjustable seat and handlebar
    • Durable rubber puncture-proof wheels

    Introducing the Yvolution Velo Balance Bike

    In a dazzling pink hue, a pinnacle of design tailored for the adventurous spirit in every toddler. Specifically engineered to cultivate confidence and stability, the Y Velo features a unique 9” double-width wheel, setting the stage for mastery before a seamless transition to single-wheel biking.

    Stable, Secure, and Ready to Grow

    Firstly, parents will appreciate the dual rear wheels, a hallmark of the Yvolution design, ensuring balance is effortlessly maintained and the bike is easily supported, granting peace of mind during those first exciting rides. This balance bike toddler-friendly design isn't just about stability; it's built to last. The adjustable seat and handlebars rise to the occasion, accommodating your child's growth spurts and ensuring the bike evolves just as they do.

    Ergonomics and Durability Combined

    Moreover, comfort meets durability in this toddler balance bike. The handlebar grips are shaped to fit little hands, ensuring comfort and control during longer journeys, while the robust rubber wheels are impervious to punctures, promising a smooth ride on varied terrains.

    Light and Agile for Little Explorers

    In addition, the lightweight aluminum frame makes this bike a breeze for kids to maneuver and just as easy for parents to carry along on any family excursion. Encourage your little ones to explore the world around them with the Y Velo, your partner in creating joyful childhood memories.

    Pink Balance Bike Toddler Key Features:

    • Stable Wheels for the Budding Cyclist: Equipped with stable 9” double-width wheels perfect for building your balance bike toddler’s confidence 🛞🛞
    • Grow-With-Me Design: Adjustable seat and handlebars grow with your balance bike toddler, ensuring a perfect fit over time 📏
    • Toddler-Friendly Comfort Grips: Comfy handlebar grips designed specifically for the balance bike toddler’s small hands 🤲
    • Ride with Ease: Durable rubber wheels are puncture-proof, making for a smooth balance bike toddler ride on any surface 🚫🔧
    • Light and Easy Transport: The lightweight aluminum frame makes the balance bike toddler’s adventures, and your carrying tasks, effortless 🚲

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    • Age: 1 ½ to 4 years
    • Size (L X W X H): 26 x 11.8 x 17.7 inches
    • Weight: 7.7 lbs
    • Min seat height: 11 inches
    • Max seat height: 14.2 inches
    • Max rider weight: 44 lbs
    • 2 stages balance bike
    • Small grips for small hands
    • Adjustable seat and handlebar
    • Durable rubber puncture-proof wheels
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    Velo Pink Balance Bike