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    Yvolution Kids Helmet - Blue

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    Safeguard Your Little Adventurer with the Yvolution Kids' Helmet 🚴‍♂️

    Introducing the Yvolution Kids' Helmet, a top-tier safety gear tailored for children aged 2 to 4, ensuring their adventures are both fun and secure. With its adjustable size ranging from 50 cm to 55 cm, this helmet is designed to grow with your child, offering lasting protection during all their riding activities.

    Why Is a Properly Fitted Helmet Important?

    A helmet is crucial in protecting a child's head during falls or collisions by absorbing impact and reducing the risk of serious injuries. Ensuring a snug fit maximizes the helmet’s effectiveness and enhances comfort, making it more likely that your child will want to wear it every time.

    Key Features of the Yvolution Kids' Helmet:

    • Adjustable Fit: Features an easy-to-use dial at the back, allowing for a perfect fit that can be easily adjusted as your child grows, ensuring comfort and optimal safety.
    • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 0.4 kg, the helmet is light enough for prolonged use without causing neck strain, making it ideal for young, developing muscles.
    • Hard Protective Shell: Constructed with a hard shell made from both recyclable and recycled materials, offering robust protection while being environmentally friendly.
    • Comfort and Ventilation: Equipped with multiple ventilation holes to keep your child cool and comfortable during active use.

    Enhanced Safety with Stylish Comfort: The Yvolution Kids' Helmet 💎 This helmet isn't just a piece of safety equipment; it's an investment in your child’s well-being and a commitment to nurturing their freedom to explore. Suitable for biking, skating, or any wheel-based activities, it combines safety with style, featuring a sleek, vibrant design that kids love.

    Specifications of the Yvolution Kids' Helmet: 📏

    • Material: Hard shell made from recyclable and recycled materials
    • Size: Adjustable from 50 cm to 55 cm
    • Weight: 0.4 kg
    • Age Group: Suitable for ages 2-4
    • Color: Pink / Blue
    • Brand: Yvolution
    • Safety Standards: Meets European Standard EN1078, USA Standard ASTM F1492-15

    6 Steps to Find the Right Size for Your Kid's Helmet: 

    Step 1: Measure the Head Circumference

    Use a flexible tape measure to determine the size of your child's head. Place the tape measure slightly above the ears and eyebrows, wrapping it around the largest part of the head.

    Step 2 : Position the Helmet Just Right

    A helmet that is too low or tilted forward can obstruct a child’s view while riding. A helmet that’s too high or tilted back won’t protect a child’s face or forehead sufficiently.

    • Remove any thick ponytails or hair clips that may prevent the helmet from sitting flush on a child’s head.
    • Place the helmet squarely on top of your child’s head. 
    • The helmet should sit about two finger widths above the child’s eyebrows.  
    • TEST: A properly positioned helmet should stick out past the tip of a child’s nose when viewed from the side. You can test this by having your child tap their helmet against the wall.

    Step 3: Tighten for a Snug Fit

    A helmet should be firmly, but comfortably in place.

    • Once the helmet is sitting correctly on the head, and before you buckle the helmet, tighten the dial-adjust knob on the back of the helmet. 
    • Turn the knob until the internal cage is snug, but not uncomfortable, on your child’s head.
    • SHAKE TEST: To check that the helmet is tightened correctly, have your child shake their head back and forth (without it buckled). The helmet should stay firmly in place.

    Step 4: Check for Gaps

    Make sure that there are no significant gaps between the helmet and your child's head. The helmet should make contact with the forehead and other areas around the top and sides of the head.

    Step 5: Adjust the Chin Strap for Length

    • The chin strap should be loose enough under the chin to allow the child to buckle it, but tight enough that you can fit just one finger between the chin and strap.
    • 1 FINGER TEST: Can I fit just one finger between my chin and the strap?

    Step 6: Final Safety Checks

    Ask your child to open their mouth wide (big yawn). The helmet should pull down on the head. If it does not, tighten the chin strap. 

    Now you should be able to tell which size of helmet you should go for. At Babycoo, there are two size of kids helmets available: 

    1. Yvolution Kids Helmet - Blue, 50 - 55 cm
    2. Yvolution Kids Helmet - Pink, 50 - 55 cm
    3. Mideer Kids Helmet - White, 51 -- 54 cm 

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    Yvolution Kids Helmet - Blue