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    Magnetic Marble Run - 108 Pcs

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    Product description

    Magnetic Marble Run Introduction:

    Make playtime a learning experience with this magnetic ball run toys set that comes with magnetic tiles of different colors, shapes and sizes that lets your child experiment with their creativity while strengthening their problem-solving skills.

    Magnetic marble run benefits:

    • Encourages creativity, color and shape recognition
    • Helps strengthen problem-solving skills, spatial imagination and more
    • 108 Building pieces
    • Highly customizable with multiple configuration options
    • Different colors, shapes, and sizes
    • Magnetic connecting design

    Inspire your child’s imagination with the Magnetic Tile Marble Run that turns playtime into an educational activity by developing their problem-solving skills, spatial imagination and other skills with 108 pieces to build with.

    Your child will enjoy playing junior architect as they use their creativity to build their own ball run using colorful magnetic building blocks, all while enhancing your little one’s color and shape recognition, problem-solving skills, patience, and spatial imagination ability.

    Magnetic Marble Run Specifications: 

    • Packaging Size: 44.5*30.5*8.5cm
    • Age: 3 years+
    • Weight: 2 Kg
    • Piece: 108 Pcs
    • Brand: Kebo

    Kids can learn a lot from playing with a Magnetic Marble Run, making it a fantastic educational toy that combines fun with practical learning. Here’s how children benefit from engaging with this toy:

    1. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

    • Complex Thinking: Building various tracks requires thinking ahead and planning where each piece should go to ensure the marble runs smoothly to its destination.
    • Trial and Error: Children learn to experiment with different configurations, which helps them understand cause and effect through hands-on learning.

    2. Develops STEM Skills

    • Engineering and Physics: The Magnetic Marble Run introduces basic principles of physics and engineering, such as gravity, speed, and the impact of angles and different materials on the speed and trajectory of the marble.
    • Spatial Awareness: Assembling the tracks enhances spatial reasoning, helping children visualize three-dimensional shapes and understand how different pieces fit together.

    3. Promotes Fine Motor Skills

    • Dexterity and Coordination: Handling small pieces and connecting them to form a track improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are crucial for writing, using tools, and other detailed activities.

    4. Encourages Creativity

    • Imaginative Play: Kids can get creative with how they build their marble runs, often incorporating stories or themes into their playtime.
    • Aesthetic Design: The vibrant colors and transparent pieces allow for visually pleasing constructions that can be as simple or complex as the child desires.

    5. Fosters Patience and Persistence

    • Long-term Engagement: Building a functioning marble run can take time and requires patience. Children learn to persevere through challenges, which is a valuable life skill.

    6. Supports Collaborative Play

    • Teamwork: When playing with others, kids learn to communicate their ideas, share resources, and cooperate to build larger and more intricate designs.

    7. Teaches Organizational Skills

    • Sorting and Organizing: Keeping track of 108 pieces and sorting them by type and use teaches children how to organize items logically, which can be applied to other areas of learning and daily life.

    Incorporating toys like the Magnetic Marble Run into playtime is not only enjoyable for children but also enriches their learning experience, making it a great choice for parents looking to support their child's development in multiple areas.

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    Magnetic Marble Run - 108 Pcs