Are All Magnet Tiles Compatible

Are All Magnet Tiles Compatible?

As a parent for two, one set of Magnetic Tiles are not enough at all. When I was about to purchase another set, a question arises: Are all magnet tiles compatible with each other? The short answer is that mostly yes, but it depends. Let’s delve into the specifics to help you understand the compatibility of different magnet tiles and make the best choices for your child’s playtime.

Understanding Magnet Tiles

Magnet tiles are plastic shapes with magnets embedded along their edges, allowing them to connect easily and form various structures. They come in different shapes and sizes, such as squares, triangles, and hexagons, which can be used to build both two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures.

Factors Affecting Compatibility

  1. Brand and Design:

    • Different brands have unique designs and manufacturing processes. Some popular brands include Magna-Tiles, Kebo, Mideer, PicassoTiles, Playmags, and Connetix. Each brand’s tiles might have different magnet placements and strengths, which can affect compatibility.
  2. Magnet Strength and Placement:

    • The strength and placement of magnets vary between brands. Stronger magnets might not align perfectly with weaker ones, making it difficult for tiles from different brands to stay connected securely.
  3. Size and Shape:

    • While many brands follow similar sizing conventions, slight variations in dimensions can impact how well tiles from different brands fit together. Ensuring that the tiles are of similar size is crucial for seamless play.
  4. Edge Design:

    • The design of the edges where the tiles connect can differ. Some tiles have beveled edges, while others have flat edges. This difference can affect the stability and compatibility of structures built with tiles from different brands.

Compatible Brands

While not all magnet tiles are universally compatible, several brands have been known to work well together. Here’s a look at some common pairings:

  • Magna-Tiles and Kebo & Mideer: These 3 brands are often reported to be compatible. They have similar magnet strengths and edge designs, making it easier to mix and match pieces from both sets.
  • Playmags and PicassoTiles: Playmags and PicassoTiles generally have compatible magnet strengths and sizes, allowing for creative play without significant issues.
  • Connetix and Kebo & Mideer: Connetix tiles often work well with Kebo, Mideer Tiles.

Brands Compatible with Kebo Magnetic Tiles (7.5 cm Square)

Kebo magnetic tiles, known for their 7.5 cm square size, have become popular due to their durability and strong magnetic connections. When looking for compatible brands to mix with Kebo tiles, it’s essential to find those with similar dimensions and edge designs. Here are some brands that share the same size and similar edge design with Kebo magnetic tiles:

1. Magna-Tiles

  • Size: Magna-Tiles also feature a 7.5 cm square size, making them compatible with Kebo tiles.
  • Edge Design: The edge design of Magna-Tiles is quite similar to Kebo, facilitating smooth connections.

2. PicassoTiles

  • Size: PicassoTiles match the 7.5 cm square size of Kebo tiles.
  • Edge Design: These tiles have a similar edge design, ensuring stable and secure connections when used together.

3. Playmags

  • Size: Playmags also use a 7.5 cm square tile, aligning perfectly with Kebo tiles.
  • Edge Design: The edge design of Playmags is compatible with Kebo, allowing for seamless integration.

4. Connetix

  • Size: Connetix tiles often follow the 7.5 cm square size, making them a good match for Kebo tiles.
  • Edge Design: Their edge design is similar, promoting easy and secure connections.

5. Mideer

  • Size: Cossy magnetic tiles are designed with a 7.5 cm square size, compatible with Kebo tiles.
  • Edge Design: The edges of Mideer tiles align well with those of Kebo, ensuring stability.

Tips for Mixing Brands

If you plan to mix different brands of Magnet Tiles, here are a few tips to ensure a smoother experience:

  • Test Compatibility: Before committing to a large purchase, test a few pieces from each brand to see how well they connect and hold together.
  • Uniform Sets: Use uniform sets for the base of structures and incorporate different brands for additional details and enhancements.
  • Adjust for Stability: Be prepared to make minor adjustments to ensure stability, especially when combining tiles with different magnet strengths and edge designs.


While not all magnet tiles are perfectly compatible, many brands can be mixed with a bit of experimentation and creativity. Understanding the factors that affect compatibility, such as magnet strength, placement, and tile design, will help you make informed choices and maximize your child’s playtime enjoyment. Remember, the goal is to foster creativity, learning, and fun, regardless of the brand combinations you choose.