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    Magnetic Blocks - 46Pcs

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    Product description

    🌟 Magnetic Blocks Key Features

    • Interactive Fun: Dive into hands-on creativity with Mideer Magnetic Blocks' 46 unique and colorful pieces designed to spark joy and imagination in every build.
    • Safety Certified: Prioritizing children's safety, each block is constructed from robust, non-toxic materials, making them suitable for kids 3 years and older.
    • Cognitive Boost: Playing with these magnetic blocks isn't just fun—it's a brain-boosting exercise that enhances spatial awareness, planning skills, and understanding of geometric shapes.

    🛠️What is included in the Magnetic Blocks Set ?

    • 🧲 Rectangle Magnetic Blocks: 2 large Blue and 2 smaller red blocks, enabling the foundation of diverse structures.
    • 🧲Square Magnetic Blocks: 4 Pink squares, enabling the foundation of diverse structures.
    • 🔺 Magnetic Triangles: 6 equilateral and 4 right-angled triangles for adding varied roof and angled designs.
    • 🌓 Magnetic Semi-Circles: 4 pieces to create arches and curves, bringing a new dimension to your child's creations.
    • 🟩 Rectangular Prisms: 4 elongated blocks for creating bridges or larger structural elements.
    • Goggly Eyes x 6
    • 🌈 Color Spectrum: A vivid array of colors - from passionate reds to cool blues - designed to attract and retain children's attention.
    • 🌟 Specialty Pieces: Includes 2 'window' pieces and 2 'door' pieces to embellish buildings with realistic details.
    • 🎒 Storage Bag: A high-quality blue fabric bag, making it convenient to store and transport the set.
    • 🧠 Educational Booklet: Contains inspirations for constructions and explanations of magnetic principles to kickstart the learning process.

    📐 Magnetic Blocks Specifications

    • Age Appropriateness: Specifically engineered for the developing skills of children aged 3+.
    • Total Pieces: 46 magnetic blocks, thoughtfully designed to allow for endless combinations and structures.
    • Materials: Each block is crafted from high-grade, BPA-free ABS plastic, equipped with strong, rare-earth magnets for secure construction.
    • Durability Assurance: Engineered to be drop-resistant, ensuring that the blocks can endure the enthusiastic play of young builders.
    • Package Dimensions: The compact and gift-ready packaging measures 27 x 24.6 x 4.7 cm.
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Gtin: 6936352514077
    • Brand: Mideer 

    Mideer Magnetic Blocks are more than just toys; they are a foundation for development and fun. The 46-piece set provides a broad range of shapes and colors, each designed to foster learning and creativity in children. From constructing simple figures to complex architectural wonders, these blocks offer a tactile and visual experience that encourages cognitive development.

    Safety is paramount, which is why each block is meticulously made with child-friendly materials and designed to be strong yet lightweight. The magnetic blocks are easy to connect and pull apart, perfect for little hands to manipulate and learn about the magic of magnetism.

    When playtime is over, the handy storage bag makes it easy to keep all the pieces together, ensuring that no block is left behind. Whether at home or on the move, Mideer Magnetic Blocks are an excellent choice for a playtime filled with learning, growth, and, most importantly, fun.

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    Magnetic Blocks - 46Pcs