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    Rainbow Stacker Coral

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    Introducing the LaLaLull Montessori Wooden Rainbow Coral Reef, a seven-piece set that brings the beauty of the ocean's depths to your child's playroom. This thoughtfully crafted toy is designed to inspire and educate, providing a tactile, colorful exploration of marine shapes and structures.

    LaLaLull Montessori Wooden Rainbow Coral Reef 7 pcs

    🌊 Marine Exploration: A vibrant array of coral shapes designed to ignite underwater adventures and storytelling.
    🌿 Natural Materials: Carved from high-quality basswood, known for its smooth texture and long-lasting durability.
    🐠 Montessori Inspired: Encourages self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.
    📐 Perfect Dimensions: With the largest piece measuring 19.7cm in width and 15cm in height, it's a substantial toy that's still manageable for little hands.

    🌈Brand: LaLaLull

    🌈Material: Crafted from Basswood, the natural choice for timeless wooden toys. Its smooth texture, non-toxic properties, and durability ensure safe and imaginative play. Basswood is naturally preservative-free and ideal for children's toys.

    🌈Safety Note : All color coatings are water-based and meet EN 71 – 3 safety norms. The toy is certified for ASTM International safety standards, featuring rich, vibrant colors from certified non-toxic, child-safe water-based dye (NO worrisome paint or varnish used).

    🌈100% Handmade -For better construction, the rainbow retains the grain of wood!It has a good grip (dyed wood with no glossy varnish on it). 

    • Hand cutting- Each piece of the rainbow stacker is cut by hand from a large natural wood.
    • Hand polished - Sharp corners and burrs will be polished to prevent injury to children's little hands.
    • Hand dying - Fully immerse the arch in a non-toxic water-based stain to ensure uniform coloration. 

    The LaLaLull Montessori Wooden Rainbow Coral Reef is a tool for both play and learning, fostering a love for our oceans while teaching the principles of Montessori education.

    About LaLaLull Wooden Toys

    Each piece of wood is special 🌳, with its own patterns, colors 🌈, and little quirks like knots and textures. At LaLaLull, we love these natural touches 👍 because they make every wooden toy unique. Our special way of adding color to the wood, using water dyes 💧🎨, really shows off these cool patterns. Plus, it's safer 🛡️ and lasts longer than regular paint, which can chip and peel.

    LaLaLull chooses only the best hardwood 🌲 for our toys, even though it's much more expensive than others 💰. Why? Because it's all about making them sturdy and long-lasting 💪. Hardwood means our toys aren't just good-looking; they're also built tough to withstand lots of play 🚀.

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    Rainbow Stacker Coral


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