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    Wooden Calendar

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    šŸŒ¤ļø Product Description for LaLaLull Wooden Weather Station:

    Introduce your little meteorologists to the wonders of weather with the LaLaLull Wooden Weather Station! This beautifully crafted educational toy is perfect for inspiring young minds to learn about the climate and how it affects our daily lives. ā˜ļøšŸŒ”ļø

    šŸŒ¦ļø Play Idea: Teach about different weather conditions by moving the pointers to match the day's weather.
    šŸŒŖļø Play Idea: Use the weather icons to create a forecast and explain what each symbol means.
    šŸŒ”ļø Play Idea: Practice reading temperatures and understanding the difference between hot and cold.
    šŸŒ€ Play Idea: Learn about wind strength by using the calm to strong dial, stimulating discussions on wind and its effects.
    šŸ’§ Play Idea: Demonstrate humidity by comparing dry and wet settings, discussing how weather feels.

    šŸ› ļø Wooden Calendar Specifications:

    Material: Made from premium MDF FSC wood, ensuring durability and safety.
    Color: Bright, engaging colors as shown (actual colors may vary slightly).
    Suitable Age: Perfect for children over 3 years old.
    Size: Main board measures 30 x 24 x 3 cm (11.8 x 9.4 x 1.2 in).
    Package Details: Comes neatly packaged with dimensions of 31 x 25.5 x 3.5 cm (12.2 x 10 x 1.4 in) and a weight of 0.65 kg (22.9 oz).

    šŸ”– Safety Note:

    Certificates: Proudly meeting CE and FSC standards, ensuring it's safe for your child and the environment.
    Care Instructions: Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary. Dimensions are provided with slight allowances for manual measurements.

    šŸ“¦ Package Including:

    1* Wooden Weather Board
    4* Movable Pointers
    4* Meteorological Icons
    1* Cotton Storage Bag
    1* Introduction Card
    With the LaLaLull Wooden Weather Station, every day is a new opportunity to explore and understand the fascinating world of weather! šŸŒˆ

    About LaLaLull Wooden Toys

    Each piece of wood is special šŸŒ³, with its own patterns, colors šŸŒˆ, and little quirks like knots and textures. At LaLaLull, we love these natural touches šŸ‘ because they make every wooden toy unique. Our special way of adding color to the wood, using water dyes šŸ’§šŸŽØ, really shows off these cool patterns. Plus, it's safer šŸ›”ļø and lasts longer than regular paint, which can chip and peel.

    LaLaLull chooses only the best hardwood šŸŒ² for our toys, even though it's much more expensive than others šŸ’°. Why? Because it's all about making them sturdy and long-lasting šŸ’Ŗ. Hardwood means our toys aren't just good-looking; they're also built tough to withstand lots of play šŸš€.

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    Wooden Calendar


    FSC Standard for Chain of Custody Certification: For a Greener Future

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