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    Wooden Stacking Bowls - Painted

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    🌈Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls Key Features:

    🌳 Made with eco-friendly FSC-Certified Basswood
    🎨 Brightly colored with painting, not water-stained.
    📏 Largest bowl measures 9cm in diameter
    🏗️ Stacks up to 21cm high for impressive tower building
    👶 Age: 2 years + 
    🌟 Encourages creativity and fine motor skills development
    ✅ ASI Accredited and CE Certified for safe, sustainable play

    🌟 Enhanced Play with Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls

    🎭 Hide-and-Seek Fun: Use the bowls to play a hide-and-seek game with small toys. Great for teaching object permanence.
    🎨 Color Matching Game: Pair the bowls with colored balls or objects to match, promoting color recognition.
    🧩 Puzzle Challenge: Encourage kids to figure out how to nest the bowls within each other, enhancing problem-solving skills.
    🍽️ Imaginative Play: Pretend the bowls are dishes for a tea party, sparking imaginative role-play.
    🐚 Nature Exploration: Collect items from nature and use the bowls to sort them by size, color, or type.
    🧮 Counting Practice: Use the bowls to teach counting by placing a number of objects in each one.
    📚 Storytelling Aid: Create a story where each bowl represents a character or a place, building narrative skills.
    🤹‍♀️ Balance Game: Challenge older kids to balance the bowls upside down or on top of each other in unique ways.
    ⚖️ Weighing Station: Fill the bowls with different items and compare their weights, learning about heavy and light concepts.

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    Wooden Stacking Bowls - Painted