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    Wooden Clock Puzzle

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    Time to Play and Learn: The Ultimate "Wooden Clock Puzzle" 🌟

    Fun With Time: Introducing the Wooden Clock Puzzle 🕒

    Unlock a world of joy and education for your child with our "Wooden Clock Puzzle". It's more than just a toy; it's a delightful journey into the world of hours and minutes tailored for little learners.

    Match and Learn: Color & Shape Recognition 🎨

    Equally important, this puzzle enhances cognitive skills as children match each wooden piece to its corresponding slot, promoting color recognition and problem-solving.

    Learn Every Minute: Easy Understanding of Time ⏰

    Additionally, the clearly marked minute intervals on our clock make grasping the basics of time a breeze for young minds.

    Safety and Durability in Every Piece 🛠️

    Constructed from high-quality wood and finished with safe, non-toxic paint, this puzzle ensures a secure environment for your child's explorative play.

    A Comprehensive Educational Toy 🔤

    This "Wooden Clock Puzzle" serves as a comprehensive tool that introduces children to time, shapes, and colors, enhancing their overall learning experience.

    Engaging Hands-On Play 👐

    The interactive nature of the puzzle is perfect for developing fine motor skills, ensuring that your child is learning while actively playing.

    Wooden Puzzle Specifications:

    Brand: Tooky Toy 

    Age: 3 Years+

    Clock size approx. 22cmL22cmWx2cmH, Weight 300g

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    Wooden Clock Puzzle