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    Tummy Time Mat

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    What Is Tummy Time?

    Tummy time is laying babies on their stomachs for brief periods while they're awake. It's an important way to help babies strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, and improve motor skills.

    Be sure to stay with your baby and watch closely during tummy time.

    What Can Tummy Time Help With?

    Tummy time is good for:

    • Newborns and infants 1-3 Month Old who are just developing neck control. Tummy time mirror toys helps develop the muscles they'll need to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk. Always stay with your baby during tummy time.
    • Older babies, 4-7 Month old. They should still spend some supervised time on their bellies, even if they can roll over and sit with some help. Tummy Time Mirror Toy helps them practice lifting their head and chest further by straightening their arms. This strengthens arm, chest, and back muscles.

    How Do I Do Tummy Time?


    Start newborns on tummy time by placing them belly-down on your chest or across your lap for a few minutes at a time, two or three times a day. While lying on their belly, they can practice lifting their head and strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles. As your baby gets used to it, you can go for a little longer.

    Tummy Time play ideas and baby games

    Babies love playing with you. This means that baby play is simple because all you need to get started with baby play is yourself and your baby.

    It’s good to try plenty of different play activities with your baby. This gives your baby many ways to learn about their world. Here are some play ideas:

    • Blow raspberries, poke out your tongue, make faces or try a game of peekaboo. Babies love faces, so these are all good ways to play with your baby.
    • Make some noise together. Sing all kinds of songs, both loud and soft, and fast and slow. You can hit pots and pans loudly or shake wrist rattles or bells.
    • Make a safe place or set up a baby activity gym or tummy time mat in your home that encourages movement and play.  This lets your baby practise skills like sitting up, crawling, pulling up, cruising and walking.

    Tummy Time Mat with Mirror Key Features:

    Introducing the Sozzy Baby Tummy Time Activity Play Mat & Gym – the vibrant and engaging space designed for your baby's development and enjoyment during those crucial tummy time moments.

    🐻 Colorful and Interactive Design: The Sozzy Baby Play Mat features a bright and inviting array of patterns and colors, stimulating your baby’s visual senses and encouraging longer, happier periods of tummy time.

    🦁 Engaging Play Toys: With playful hanging toys, including a friendly lion and a cheerful monkey, your little one can reach, bat, and grasp, improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

    📏 Built-In Growth Chart: Keep track of your baby's growth with the convenient and fun built-in ruler design, making it easy to chart those rapid changes in the first year of life.

    🛡️ Safe and Comfortable: The mat is made with soft, baby-safe materials, providing a cozy and secure area for your baby to lay, roll, and play.

    🔍 Detachable Mirror: A baby-safe mirror is included to promote self-discovery and enhance cognitive development as your baby begins to recognize their own reflection.

    🧠 Stimulating Activities: The various textures and crinkle zones on the mat engage your baby’s tactile senses, encouraging exploration and sensory development.

    🔄 Portable for Easy Travel

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    Tummy Time Mat


    Frequently Asked Questions About Foot Finder Rattles

    What Are Foot Finder Rattles?

    Baby Foot finders are soft, colorful toys that can be attached to a baby's feet. They make a gentle rattling sound when moved, providing auditory and visual stimulation to promote sensory development.

    At What Age Can My Baby Start Using Foot Finder Rattles?

    Babies can start using foot finder rattles as early as a few months old. They are most beneficial when babies begin to discover their hands and feet, typically around 2 to 4 months of age.

    How Do Foot Finder Rattles Benefit My Baby's Development?

    These rattles encourage babies to explore their sense of touch and hearing, aid in the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and introduce the concept of cause and effect through playful interaction.

    Are Foot Finder Rattles Safe for Babies?

    Yes, when purchased from reputable manufacturers, foot finder rattles are made with baby-safe materials, free from harmful chemicals and small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Always ensure the rattles are securely attached and inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear.

    Can Foot Finder Rattles Help With My Baby's Emotional Development?

    Yes, the interaction that foot finder rattles encourage can foster emotional development. Playing with your baby using these rattles can strengthen the bond between you and your child, providing a sense of security and happiness.

    How Long Should My Baby Use Foot Finder Rattles During Playtime?

    There is no set time limit for using foot finder rattles, but moderation is key. Use them as part of your baby's playtime routine, alternating with other toys and activities to provide a well-rounded developmental experience.

    What Should I Do If My Baby Does Not Seem Interested in Foot Finder Rattles?

    If they're not fans, no stress. They're just into silent feet for now! : )