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    Wooden Forest Bead Maze

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    🌲 This classic Forest Bead Maze by Tooky Toy, crafted from wood, is an ideal tool for young children to enhance their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and practice hand-eye coordination, among other developmental benefits.

    🌟 This exquisitely designed wooden Forest Bead Maze offers a delightful challenge with its intricately designed beads, encouraging children to manipulate them from one section of the board to another.

    🧩 Kids are prompted to select a bead and maneuver it along the wire, traversing from one end to the other or along the base of the board. As they successfully navigate the cute beads along the track, children experience a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon completing the bead maze's journey from start to finish.

    🐾 Moreover, once finished, your child can explore multiple bead mazes on this board and delight in the charming animal-themed designs that adorn the lovely wooden Forest Bead Maze.

    🌈 Equipped with four sturdy feet, the Forest Bead Maze can be enjoyed either on the floor or placed on a table.

    πŸͺš Each wooden Forest Bead Maze Set from Tooky Toys is meticulously crafted from timber, showcasing top-notch quality, and painted using child-safe, non-toxic paint.

    Wooden Forest Bead Maze Specification:Β 

    Brand: Tooky ToyΒ 

    Age: 2 Years +Β 

    Length 0.190m
    Height 0.190m
    Width 0.280m
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    Wooden Forest Bead Maze