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    Number Puzzle

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    Number Puzzle Introduction

    πŸ”’ Numbered Fun for Learning and Play! πŸŽ²πŸ” 

    Unlock the world of early learning with this engaging numbered stacking toy by Tooky Toy. 🌟

    🌈 Wooden Number Puzzle Key Features:

    1. Number Recognition: The numbered design encourages kids to recognize numbers and practice counting skills. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ”’
    2. Stacking Mastery: This toy promotes early learning through play, enhancing hand-eye coordination and building confidence. πŸ§©πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈ
    3. Vibrant Colors: Its colorful design fosters color recognition and sparks imagination in young minds. πŸŒˆπŸ’‘
    4. Eco-Friendly: Crafted from sustainable wood, it offers lasting fun while showing care for our planet. 🌳🌍
    5. Safety First: Adorned with non-toxic paints and rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards. 🚫πŸ§ͺβœ…

    Number Puzzle Specifications:

    Each single puzzle size approx. 8.5cmLx 10cmH x0.3cmW

    Number 10 size approx. 5cmL x4cmH x1cmW

    Colorful storage box with round cotton handle, 22cmL x 6cmW x22cmH

    Item card size from 1 to 10 approx 78cmLx9.5cmH

    The red block number 2 size approx 3cmLx0.8cmWx4.2cmH.Β 

    SKU TL496
    Barcode # 6970090044687
    Brand Tooky Toy
    Age 3
    Length 0.900m
    Height 0.012m
    Width 0.100m
    Weight 0.5100kg

    Size: Includes 20 Pieces πŸ§©πŸ“

    Material: MDF, Paper cardboard

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      Number Puzzle