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Comparing Kebo's Dinosaur Zone and Magna-Tile's Dino World Magnetic Sets

When it comes to choosing the perfect magnetic tile set for young dinosaur enthusiasts, two standout options often come to the forefront: the Kebo Magnetic Tile Dinosaur Zone and the Magna-Tile Dino World. Both sets are designed to spark creativity, develop fine motor skills, and blend educational content with fun. Let's delve into a comparison of these two to help discerning parents and educators make an informed choice.

Theme and Design

Kebo Magnetic Tile Dinosaur Zone: This set is meticulously themed around a prehistoric dinosaur landscape, offering a vibrant and detailed backdrop for imaginative play. The designs are particularly appealing to children who have a keen interest in dinosaurs, providing them with a variety of dinosaur figures and foliage tiles to create their own Jurassic world.

Magna-Tile Dino World: Similarly, this set immerses children in the age of dinosaurs with a strong emphasis on colorful and engaging designs. Magna-Tile is known for its high-quality prints and detailed figures, and the Dino World set is no exception, offering a rich palette of colors and realistic dinosaur representations.

Educational Value

Kebo Magnetic Tile Dinosaur Zone: Beyond the fun, Kebo focuses on the educational aspect, aiming to teach children about different dinosaur species and their habitats. The set encourages problem-solving and critical thinking as children figure out how to construct their dinosaur landscapes using the magnetic tiles.

Magna-Tile Dino World: Magna-Tile sets are celebrated for their educational benefits, including the Dino World set, which promotes STEM learning through play. Children learn about geometry, magnetic principles, and structural engineering as they build, creating a solid foundation for scientific understanding alongside knowledge about dinosaurs.

Durability and Quality

Kebo Magnetic Tile Dinosaur Zone: Kebo sets are made with safety and durability in mind, using high-quality, non-toxic materials. The magnetic tiles are sturdy and designed to withstand the enthusiastic play of young children, ensuring longevity and sustained interest over time.

Magna-Tile Dino World: Magna-Tile is synonymous with quality, and their Dino World set is no exception. The tiles are made from durable materials that are scratch-resistant and capable of holding up to rough play. The strong magnets ensure the creations stay intact, enhancing the play experience.

Price and Value

Kebo Magnetic Tile Dinosaur Zone: $85 with 49 Pcs

Magna-Tile Dino World: $160 with 40 Pcs


Both the Kebo Magnetic Tile Dinosaur Zone and Magna-Tile Dino World sets offer engaging, educational play experiences for children fascinated by dinosaurs. Your choice between the two might come down to budget considerations, brand loyalty, or specific features that appeal to your child’s learning style and interests. Regardless of which set you choose, both promise hours of imaginative play and learning, making them excellent additions to any child's toy collection.