Fun Balance Bike Games for Kids

Fun Balance Bike Games for Kids

Fun Balance Bike Games and Activities for Kids

Balance bikes are a fantastic way for children to learn how to ride, improve their coordination, and boost their confidence. But beyond just riding, there are numerous games and activities you can introduce to make the experience even more enjoyable. Here are some fun balance bike games and activities to keep your kids engaged and excited about riding their balance bikes.

1. Obstacle Course Adventure

Set up an obstacle course using cones, small ramps, and other objects in your backyard or a safe open area. Encourage your child to navigate through the course, weaving in and out of the cones, and going over the ramps. This activity helps improve their steering, balance, and control while providing a fun challenge.


  • Start with simple obstacles and gradually increase the difficulty.
  • Use pool noodles, hula hoops, and chalk lines to create a variety of challenges.
  • Time your child to add an element of friendly competition.

2. Balance Bike Races

Organize mini races with your child and their friends or siblings. Mark a start and finish line and let the kids race to see who can cross the finish line first. This activity is not only exciting but also encourages a sense of friendly competition and helps improve their speed and control.


  • Ensure the race track is on a flat, safe surface.
  • Use a whistle or countdown to start the race.
  • Keep the races short to maintain enthusiasm and safety.

3. Follow the Leader

Play a game of follow the leader, where one child rides their balance bike and others follow, mimicking their movements. The leader can ride in circles, zig-zags, or around obstacles, and the followers must try to do the same. This game encourages children to pay attention, react quickly, and improve their riding skills.


  • Take turns being the leader to keep everyone engaged.
  • Introduce fun movements like stopping and starting, lifting one foot, or riding with one hand.

4. Simon Says on Wheels

Adapt the classic game of Simon Says to include balance bikes. Call out instructions such as "Simon says lift your left foot," "Simon says ride in a circle," or "Simon says stop." If "Simon" doesn’t say, and a child follows the instruction, they are out. This game is great for listening skills and balance.


  • Keep the instructions simple and age-appropriate.
  • Encourage creativity by letting the children take turns being "Simon."

5. Traffic Light Game

In this game, one person acts as the traffic light, calling out "Red light," "Yellow light," or "Green light." When "Green light" is called, the children ride their balance bikes; "Yellow light" means ride slowly, and "Red light" means stop. This game helps children practice starting and stopping, as well as listening and reaction skills.


  • Use real traffic light colors or create signs to make it more visual.
  • Add a "Blue light" for a fun action like ringing their bike bell or honking a horn.

6. Bike Parade

Organize a bike parade where kids can decorate their balance bikes with streamers, balloons, and stickers. Once decorated, let them ride around showing off their creations. This activity combines creativity with riding practice and can be a fun event for a playdate or family gathering.


  • Provide a variety of decorating materials.
  • Play music during the parade to make it more festive.
  • Award small prizes for the most creative, colorful, or unique decorations.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt where children must ride their balance bikes to find hidden items or complete specific tasks. This can be done in a park, your backyard, or a safe neighborhood area. Give them a list of items to find or tasks to complete, such as riding to a specific tree or picking up a toy.


  • Make the scavenger hunt age-appropriate with easy-to-find items.
  • Pair younger children with an adult or older sibling for guidance.
  • Include clues that require some problem-solving to add an educational element.

8. Relay Races

Set up a relay race course where children take turns riding their balance bikes to a designated spot and back, passing a baton or another object to the next rider. This team activity fosters cooperation and teamwork while making riding more fun.


  • Use a soft object for passing to avoid injuries.
  • Create teams with a mix of skill levels to ensure fairness.
  • Encourage cheering and positive reinforcement from teammates.

9. Balance Bike Bowling

Set up a series of plastic bowling pins or empty water bottles in a safe area. Have your child ride their balance bike towards the pins and try to knock them over by lightly bumping into them or throwing a soft ball while riding. This activity is great for coordination and aim.


  • Ensure the area is free of hazards and has a soft surface.
  • Adjust the distance to the pins based on your child’s skill level.
  • Keep score to add a competitive element.

10. Nature Ride

Take your child on a nature ride through a park or along a safe trail. Encourage them to observe their surroundings and point out interesting things they see, like birds, flowers, or interesting trees. This activity combines physical exercise with an appreciation for nature.


  • Choose a trail that is suitable for balance bikes with a smooth surface.
  • Bring along snacks and water for a mini-picnic break.
  • Use this opportunity to teach your child about different plants and animals.


Incorporating these fun games and activities into your child’s Balance Bike routine can make learning to ride an exciting adventure. These activities not only enhance their riding skills but also promote physical activity, coordination, and social interaction. Whether you’re setting up an obstacle course in your backyard or organizing a bike parade, the most important thing is to have fun and create positive, memorable experiences for your child. Happy riding! 

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Written by Ava, Registered ECE teacher, a mum for 2.