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    Sliding Tower Car Run - Large

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    Introducing Tooky Toy Sliding Tower Car Run - Large

    6 ramp racer of this toddler toy start off from the top and each car flips at the end of a ramp to continue to the next, providing fascinating continuous motion for dynamic playtime. As 1-year-old boy gifts, the rattling rolling cars with vibrant colors attract kids to keep engaged in watching them roll, flip, and race to the bottom!


    Understanding how the parts link together and figuring out how things work is of vital importance as gifts that help develop their thinking skills. Cars in different colors help form color perception and there are numbers on these cars that help your children practice counting.

    Keep your toddler entertained with this miniature wooden race car ramp. The individual pieces are safe to use while the toy itself is made from high-quality and durable wood. Set it up within seconds and watch your little ones face light up as the cars speed down the track.

    The four slightly curved ramps stop at the end allowing the racing cars to roll down and over in a continuous motion until the first one to the finish line wins providing hours of fun. The colorful Race track promotes particularly the visual understanding and strengthens the motor talent of your child.

    Safety Guarantee for Tooky Toy Sliding Tower Car Run - Large

    • Made from high-quality wood and fully tested to European standards.
    • Made from durable, sustainable Wood, this allows long lasting fun, whilst caring for our planet
    • Safe toy - Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards 
    • Eco-friendly, meets or exceeds international toy safety standards
    • Approved ASTM and CE testing. Made of 100% Real Wood, Non-Toxic, Environment-friendly, Safe for Kids. Meets all specifications of European (EN-71) and American (ASTM) Toy Safety Standards.
    • Recommended age range: 18months +
    • Brand: Tooky Toy
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    Sliding Tower Car Run - Large